EEB Faculty

EEB Faculty

Sara Baer
  • Professor, Senior Scientist
  • Director, Kansas Biological Survey
  • Research Interests: Plant, Soil, Ecosystem, and Restoration Ecology

Dr. Kristen Baum
  • Director of Monarch Watch
  • Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Research Interests: Pollinator Ecology, Plant-Insect Interactions, Insect Conservation, Monarch Butterflies, Grassland Ecology, Managed Ecosystems

Chris Beard
  • Senior Curator, Biodiversity Institute
  • Distinguished Foundation Professor
  • Research Interests: Mammalian Paleontology, Primate Evolution, Phylogenetics, Biogeography, Functional Morphology

James Bever
  • Foundation Distinguished Professor
  • Research Interests: Population and Community Ecology, Mutualisms, Mycorrhizae, Pathogens, Microbiome Feedback

Sharon Billings
  • Professor, Senior Scientist
  • University Distinguished Professor
  • Research Interests: Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Forest and Grassland Responses to Climate and Land Use Change

Rafe Brown
  • Professor
  • Curator-in-Charge, Herpetology Division, Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Institute
  • Research Interests: Island Archipelagos, Biogeography, Speciation Genomics, Amphibians & Reptiles

Amy Burgin
  • Professor, Senior Scientist
  • Research Interests: Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Microbial Functions, Anthropogenic Changes to Water Quantity and Quality

Jocelyn Colella
  • Robert W. and Geraldine Wilson Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Curator
  • Research Interests: Evolutionary Genomics, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Hybridization

Lena Hileman
  • Professor
  • Chair, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Professor
  • Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Research Interests: Floral Evolution, Plant Development, Plant Evolutionary Genomics

Kirsten Jensen
  • Professor
  • Senior Curator
  • Associate Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Research Interests: Parasitology, Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity Patterns, Taxonomy, Phylogenetics

Maria Orive
  • Professor
  • Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Research Interests: Evolutionary Theory, Clonal Reproduction, Pathogens and Symbionts, Eco-Evolutionary Dynamic

Daniel Reuman
  • Professor
  • Senior Scientist
  • Research Interests: Quantitative Ecology, Population and Community Ecology, Spatial and Landscape Ecology, Synchrony and Stability, Biodiversity and Coexistence

Ben Sikes
  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Scientist
  • Research Interests: Fungal Ecology, Plant and Soil Community Ecology, Adaptations to Extreme Environments, Restoration and Sustainable Agriculture

Jorge Soberon
  • University Distinguished Professor
  • Research Interests: Species Distribution Patterns, Macroecology, Biogeography, Biodiversity Governance and Policy