Student Testimonials

Below are some of the things that EEB students have said about our program. Also, be sure to check out our EEB Admission homepage for information about how EEB provides funding for students, EEB's Successes, the skills you will develop, and other important information.

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Camille Delavaux

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Graduated May 2021 (with honors)

"EEB at KU was a wonderful place to do my Ph.D. All students, faculty, and staff were always willing to help me, even those across campus I had never met before. I was also very fortunate to be a Madison and Lila Self Fellow, which allowed me to pursue exactly the research I was interested in, with the amazing guidance of my main advisor and committee. Overall, KU was an extremely supportive environment in which to develop the skills I needed to be successful in my field."

Dr. Patrick Monnahan

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Graduated March 2016 (with honors)

"KU was a great place for grad school.  Lawrence and the surrounding area has enough going on to stay interesting, but not so much that you get distracted from what is important.  I was never left wanting in terms of facilities and funding, and the staff in the graduate school department really worked hard to look after the students.  The courses and seminars were very helpful in providing foundational knowledge in the field and specific skills, such as grant writing.  Having now spent some time as a postdoc, I can say that my time at KU has left me well prepared for research in the post-graduate school world."

Dr. Luke Welton

Ph.D. from Brigham Young University in Evolutionary Biology (2015)

M.A. from KU in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2012)

B.S. from KU in Biology – Organismal Biology (2007)

"The University of Kansas is a great place to be, for both undergraduate and graduate educations. Access to local, regional, and international field work, cutting-edge research, and faculty who are at the top of their fields continue to make KU a top choice for both Masters and PhD graduate research. These amenities, in turn, attract some of the best and brightest graduate students from across the country, and world – further enhancing each individuals graduate school experience. The active and collaborative grad student community coupled with the greater community of Lawrence make KU an inviting and comfortable place to call home, even if just for a few years. The tools and skills I acquired during my Masters at KU made my doctorate work much easier than it would have been otherwise, and still serve me well today."

Dr. Joanna J. Cielocha

Ph.D. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Graduated May 2013

"Being a part of the graduate program in EEB at KU was an all-around amazing learning experience. In reflecting back on my time at the University of Kansas, I realize how much I learned not only in the classroom or research lab, but also from sitting around a table in conversation with my peers and professors. Some of the best learning experiences were gained during our weekly discussion groups based on topics of interest to both graduate students and faculty. These discussions were often student led and allowed for students and faculty to engage in conversations about new and emerging research. These discussions helped pushed me out of my own comfort zone and think about how these techniques may be applied to my own area of interest. Other skills gained during graduate school that have proven critical as a junior faculty member include things such as scientific illustration, grant-writing, and presentation skills. Furthermore, Lawrence is a wonderful place to live, providing plenty of social and cultural activities to suite anyone."

Dr. Mona Papeş

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Graduated May 2009

"My experience in grad school at KU has been great. The professors with whom I interacted were helpful and supportive. In my advisor's lab I was encouraged to pursue my research interests and had plenty of opportunities for collaborations. In my opinion, the department as a whole is very active and dynamic."

Dr. Victor Gonzalez

Ph.D. in Entomology

Graduated August 2008

Current Position: Lecturer and Director of Laboratories (Anatomy) at the University of Kansas

"Not everything is dull, dry and gray in Kansas. In the midst of the great Kansas Prairies, I found an oasis of knowledge, values, and friendship at KU. I also met the most interesting and extraordinary people in all my life, including my mentors and classmates. There is no place like home. KU was and always will be my home."

Dr. Brian Beatty

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Graduated August 2006

"What I enjoyed most about the KU EEB program was that despite its immense size, it felt like the graduate students had a big part in the department. Not only were there active groups of students and activities in the Museum and Haworth, but if you wanted to be involved in faculty meetings and committees, to get a taste of what being a professor is really like, you had that opportunity. That, and opportunities to teach, significantly helped me prepare for my job as an Assistant Professor now."

Dr. Tim Dickson

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Graduated May 2006

"I was very impressed by the breadth and depth of the EEB faculty, and I was impressed by the friendliness of the graduate students and faculty. After leaving KU I have realized how rare it is to have the state biological survey, extensive plant and animal collections, the general faculty, and several field stations all associated with one department."