General Facilities Info

The EEB department's laboratories are in Haworth Hall, Dyche Hall, Higuchi Hall, McGregor Herbarium, or the Public Safety Building.


  • Biology Technology Support Center- computer support; setting up new computers; troubleshooting computer issues; advising with purchasing hardware and software, and assisting webpage development
  • Biological Teaching Resource Center
  • Bio-Shop - an in-house machine, electronic, and wood shop. They service lab equipment and construct custom shelving and lab furniture. Contact Scott Cregg at sgcregg@ku.edu.
  • Bio-Store - an in-house store where you can purchase office and lab supplies, and chemicals. This is also where overnight and bulk mail service is handled. Visit 3027 Haworth for assistance.
  • Business Manager for Haworth - Kandi Proudfoot White. Contact Kandi at kmwhite@ku.edu.