Dr. Maggie Wagner

Maggie Wagner
  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Scientist
  • Research Interests: Integrative Plant Biology, Complex Trait Evolution, Plant Microbiome

Contact Info

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Office: Haworth Hall 8012


Genetics and Genomics, Duke University, 2016, Durham, NC


My research focuses on the genetic basis of plants' interactions with their environment-- especially their microbial neighbors-- in both natural and agricultural systems. I use my training in quantitative genetics and evolutionary ecology to study the relationships between plant genotypes, phenotypes and microbiomes, toward the broad goal of improving the health of crops and wild plants facing environmental challenges.

Selected Publications

Heterosis of leaf and rhizosphere microbiomes in field‐grown maize (2020)

MR Wagner, JH Roberts, P Balint‐Kurti, JB Holland

New Phytologist 228 (3), 1055-1069

Prioritizing host phenotype to understand microbiome heritability in plants (2020)

MR Wagner

New Phytologist 232 (2), 502-509

Analysis of leaf microbiome composition of near‐isogenic maize lines differing in broad‐spectrum disease resistance (2020)

MR Wagner, PE Busby, P Balint‐Kurti

New Phytologist 225 (5), 2152-2165

Microbe-dependent heterosis in maize (2021)

MR Wagner, C Tang, F Salvato, KM Clouse, A Bartlett, S Vintila, L Phillips, Shannon Sermons, Mark Hoffmann, Peter J Balint-Kurti, Manuel Kleiner

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (30), e2021965118

Microbial effects on plant phenology and fitness (2021)

AM O'Brien, NA Ginnan, M Rebolleda‐Gómez, MR Wagner

American Journal of Botany 108 (10), 1824-1837