Dr. William H. Busby

  • Courtesy Associate Professor

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6010 Haworth Hall


Ph.D., University of Florida, 1987


I am interested in the ecology, distribution and conservation of terrestrial vertebrates in the Great Plains. Much of my work focuses on the habitat requirements of grassland and forest birds, the status and distribution of rare and endangered animal species, and conservation and natural resource planning. I also serve as Zoologist with the Kansas Natural Heritage Inventory in the Kansas Biological Survey.

Selected Publications

  • Busby, W.H., J.M. Delisle, C.C. Freeman, K. Kindscher, H. Loring, D.E. Nimz, and C.J. Schmidt. 2007. A Natural Features Inventory of the Smoky Hill ANG Range, Kansas. Open-file Report No. 137. Kansas Biological Survey, Lawrence, KS. 403 pp.
  • Dickson, T.L. and Busby, W.H. 2009. Forb species establishment increases with decreased grass seeding density and with increased forb seeding density in a northeast Kansas, USA experimental prairie restoration. Restoration Ecology 17(5):597-605
  • Houts, M. E., Rodgers, R. D. Applegate, R.D., and Busby, W.H. 2008. Using Local Knowledge and Remote Sensing to Map Known and Potential Prairie-chicken Distribution in Kansas. Prairie Naturalist 40(3/4):87-93.
  • Powell, A.F., Busby, W.H., and Kindscher, K. 2007. Status of the regal fritillary (Speyeria idalia) and effects of fire management on its abundance in northeastern Kansas, USA. Journal of Insect Conservation 11(3): 299–308.
  • Lauver, C. L., Busby, W.H., and Whistler, J.L. 2002. Testing a GIS model of habitat suitability for a declining grassland bird. Environmental Management 30(1):88–97.
  • Busby, W. H. 2002. Kansas recovery plan for the Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus). Report to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, Pratt. 45 pp.
  • Busby, W.H., and Zimmerman, J.L. 2001. Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas. University Press of Kansas, Lawrence. 466 pp.
  • Busby, W.H. 2000. Hummingbird pollination of epiphytic ericaceae in the cloud forest canopy. In N. Nadkarni and N. Wheelwright, editors. The Ecology and Natural History of Monteverde: A Background to Conservation. Oxford University Press, New York.
  • Fitzgerald, J., Busby, W., Howery, M. Klataske, R., Reinking, D. and Pashley, D. 2000. Partners in Flight Conservation Plan for the Osage Plains (Physiographic Area 33). Partners in Flight, Brentwood, Missouri. 56 pp.
  • Busby, W.H. and Brecheisen, W.R. 1997. Chorusing phenology and habitat associations of the crawfish frog, Rana areolata (Anura: Ranidae), in Kansas. Southwestern Naturalist 42(2): 210–217.