Dr. Trevor Rivers

  • Courtesy Assistant Teaching Professor

Contact Info

2019 Haworth Hall


Ph.D., Cornell University, 2007


BIOL 105: Biology Orientation Seminar
BIOL 152: Principles of Organismal Biology

Selected Publications

  • Rivers, T.J., M.G. Sirota, A.I. Guttentag, D. Ogorondnikov, and I.N. Beloozerova.  2014.  Gaze shifts and fixations dominate gaze behavior of walking cats.  Neuroscience 275: 477-499.
  • Rivers, T.J. and J.G. Morin. 2013. Female ostracods respond to and intercept artificial conspecific male luminescent courtship displays.  Behavioral Ecology 24(4): 877.
  • Armer, M.C., W.U. Nilaweera, T.J. Rivers, N.M. Dasgupta, and I.N. Beloozerova. 2013. Effect of light on the activity of motor cortex neurons during locomotion.  Behavioural Brain Research 250: 238-250.
  • Rivers, T.J. and J.G. Morin. 2012.  The relative cost of using luminescence for sex and defence: light budgets in cypridinid ostrcodes.  Journal of Experimental Biology 215:2860-2868.
  • Rivers, T.J. and J.G. Morin. 2009.  Plasticity of male mating behavio9ur in a marine bioluminescent ostracodes in both time and space. Animal Behaviour 78(3): 723-734.
  • McGraw, G.A., J.G. Morin, T.J. Rivers, and Z. Patrawala. 2009. Darkness as an ecological resource:  The role of light in partitioning the nocturnal niche.  Oecologia 160: 525-536.
  • Rivers, T.J. and J.G. Morin. 2008.  Complex sexual courtship displays by luminescent male marine ostracods.  Journal of Experimental Biology 211:2252-2262.