Dr. Robert M. Timm

  • Associate Professor Emeritus

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6026 Haworth Hall


Dr. Timm studies the life history, ecology and conservation biology of mammals of the New World tropics. 


Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1979


Working with one of my doctoral students, Robert P. Anderson, and collaborators from the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto we conducted an assessment of the species diversity and abundance of mammals in the Iwokrama Rain Forest Reserve in Central Guyana. This is one of the most remote rain forests remaining on the South American continent. This newly formed reserve was found to have an especially rich bat fauna. Numbers of species as well as individuals of predaceous bats, which are indicators of high quality forest and lack of disturbance by humans, were particularly high. The abundance of highly prized game species such as pacas (a large rain forest rodent) is also indicative of little human disturbance. We discovered 11 species new to the Guyana fauna and documented the presence of olingos in the Reserve, a species that had not been found in the country since the turn of the century. The United Nations Global Environmental Fund provided financial support for this work.

Selected Publications

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