Dr. Norman A. Slade

  • Professor Emeritus

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Ph.D., Utah State University, 1972


  • Conducting research on:
  1. the impact of environmental stochasticity on population growth and projection matrices, and on
  2. applications of capture-recapture techniques to nontraditional types of data
  • Teaching statistics and population ecology

Selected Publications

  • Wang, G., N. T. Hobbs, N. A. Slade, J. F. Merritt, L. L. Getz, M. Hunter, Jr., S. H. Vessey, J. Witham, and A. Guillaumet.  2013.  Comparative population dynamics of large and small mammals in the Northern Hemisphere:  deterministic and stochastic forces.  Ecography 36:439-446.  Published on line 21 Nov 2011 doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2011.07156.x
  • Alexander, H. M., A. W. Reed, W. D. Kettle, N. A. Slade, S. A. Bodbyl Roels, C. D. Collins, and V. Salisbury.  2012.  Detection and plant monitoring
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