Dr. Michael K. Tourtellot

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1992

Selected Publications

  • Greenfield, M.D., M. K. Tourtellot, and W. A. Snedden.  1997.  Precedence effects and the evolution of chorusing.  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B., 264: 1355-1361.
  • Greenfield, M.D., M. K. Tourtellot, and W. J. Bell. 1995.  Defining stops in search pathways.  J. Neuroscience Methods, 60: 95-98.
  • Minckley, R. L., M.D. Greenfield, and M.K. Tourtellot. 1995.  Chorus structure in tarbush grasshoppers:  inhibition, selective phonoresponse, and signal competition.  Animal Behavior, 50, 579-594.
  • Collins, R.D., R. N. Gargesh, A.D. Maltby, R. J. Roggero, M.K. Tourtellot, and W. J. Bell.  1994.  Innate control of local search behavior in the house fly, Musca demestica.  Physiological Entomology 19: 165-172.
  • Tourtellot, M.K., Collins, R.D., and Bell, W. J. 1991.  The problem of movelength and turn definition in analysis of orientation data. J. Theoretical Biology, 150: 287-297.
  • Schal, C. J. L. Surber, G. Vogel, T. R. Tobin, M. K. Tourtellot,R. A. Leban, and W. J. Bell. 1983.  Search strategy of sex pheromone-stimulated male German cockroaches.  J. Insect Physiology, 27: 575-579.