Dr. Liz Koziol

Liz Koziol
  • Assistant Research Scientist

Contact Info

35 Higuchi Hall


Ph.D. in Ecology, Indiana University, 2016


Faculty Sponsor: Jim Bever

Selected Publications

  • Wang, G., Ye, C., Zhang, J., Koziol, L., Bever, J. D., and Li, X. 2019 Asymmetric facilitation induced by inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi leads to overyielding in maize/faba bean intercropping. Journal of Plant Interactions 14(1): 10-20. doi:10.1080/17429145.2018.1550218
  • Koziol, L., Crews, T., and Bever, J. D. 2019. Benefits of native mycorrhizal amendments to perennial agroecosystems increases with field inoculation density. Agronomy 9: 353, 1-14. doi:10.3390/agronomy9070353
  • Cheeke, T. E., Zheng, C., Koziol, L., Gurholt, C. R., and Bever, J. D. 2019. Sensitivity of plants to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species is greater in late-successional native than early-successional native or non-native plants. Ecology, 100: e02855.
  • Koziol, L., and Bever, J. D. 2019. Mycorrhizal feedbacks generate positive frequency dependence accelerating grassland succession. Journal of Ecology 107(2): 622-632. doi:10.1111/1365-2745.13063
  • Bauer J. T., Koziol, L., and Bever, J. D. 2018. Ecology of Floristic Quality Assessment: testing for correlations between coefficients of conservatism, species traits and mycorrhizal responsiveness. AoB Plants 10: plx073. doi: 10.1093/aobpla/plx073
  • Koziol, L., Schultz, P.A., House, G.L., Bauer, J.T., Middleton, E.L., and Bever, J.D. 2018.  The plant microbiome and native plan restoration: the example of native mycorrhizal fungi.  BioScience 68(12): 996-1006.