Dr. Linda Trueb

  • Professor Emeritus

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Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1979


Evolution of skeletal diversity and morphology in modern and fossil amphibians

Selected Publications

  • 2009. Heinicke, M. P., W. E. Duellman, L. Trueb, B. Means, R. D. MacCulloch, and S. B. Hedges. A new frog family (Anura: Terrarana) from South America and an expanded direct-developing clade revealed by molecular phylogeny. Zootaxa 2211:1–35.
  • 2009. Guayasamin, J. M., S. Castroviejo, L. Trueb, J. Ayarzagüena, M. Rada, and C. Vilà. Phylogenetic systematics of Glassfrogs (Amphibia: Centrolenidae) and their sister taxon Allophryne ruthveniZootaxa 2100: 1-97.
  • 2008. Trueb, L., and E. Lehr. A new species of Phrynopus (Anura, Strabomantidae) from Peru, with comments on the osteology of the genus. Phyllomedusa 7(1):11–24.
  • 2008. Guayasamin, J. M., S. Castroviejo-Fisher, J. Ayarzagüena, L. Trueb, and C. Vilà. Phylogenetic relationships of Glassfrogs (Centrolenidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear genes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 48:574–595.
  • 2007. Lehr, E., L. Trueb, P. J. Venegas, and E. Arbeláez. Descriptions of the tadpoles of two Neotropical microhylid frogs, Melanophryne carpish and Nelsonophryne aequatorialis (Anura: Microhylidae). Journal of Herpetology 4:581–589.
  • 2007. Lehr, E., and L. Trueb. A new genus and two new species of microhylid frogs from Andean Peru, with osteological descriptions and comparisons with Nelsonophryne (Anura: Microhylidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 149:583–609.
  • 2007. Guayasamin, J. M., and L. Trueb. A new species of Glass Frog (Anura: Centrolenidae) from the lowlands of northwestern Ecuador, with comments on centrolenid osteology. Zootaxa 1447:27–45.