Dr. Eric Duell

Eric Duell
  • Post-doctoral Researcher

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101 Takeru Higichi Hall


Faculty Sponsor: James Bever

I study the interaction between plants and soil microbes, and how these interactions facilitate ecosystem services, such as carbon storage, erosion control, and nutrient leaching. More specifically, I am interested in how the phylogenetic structure of plant communities influences microbial assemblages, and the degree to which these dynamics influence soil ecosystem services.

Selected Publications

Selection Publications:

Duell, E.B., Bever, J.D. and Wilson, G.W., 2023. Role of plant relatedness in plant–soil feedback dynamics of sympatric Asclepias species. Ecology and Evolution13(1), p.e9763.

Duell, E.B., O'Hare, A. and Wilson, G.W., 2023. Inoculation with native soil improves seedling survival and reduces non‐native reinvasion in a grassland restoration. Restoration Ecology31(1), p.e13685.

Koziol, L., Bauer, J.T., Duell, E.B., Hickman, K., House, G.L., Schultz, P.A., Tipton, A.G., Wilson, G.W. and Bever, J.D., 2022. Manipulating plant microbiomes in the field: Native mycorrhizae advance plant succession and improve native plant restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology59(8), pp.1976-1985.

Duell, E.B., Zaiger, K., Bever, J.D. and Wilson, G.W., 2019. Climate affects plant-soil feedback of native and invasive grasses: Negative feedbacks in stable but not in variable environments. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7, p.419.

Selected Presentations

Selection Presentations:

From Soil Symbionts to Disturbances: Eco-evolutionary Insights into Asclepias. 2022 Kansas Biological Survey-Center for Ecological Research Seminar Series.

Duell EB, Fishbein M, Wilson GWT. The role of phylogenetic signaling in the interspecific variation of host plant mycorrhizal responsiveness. 2021 Botany Meeting (virtual meeting).

Duell EB,Bever JD, Wilson GWT. Role of phylogenetic relatedness in plant–soil feedback dynamics of sympatric Asclepias species. 106th Annual Ecological Society of America Conference (virtual meeting).

Awards & Honors


2022 USDA-NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow

Fall 2021 PhD Honorary Graduate Commencement Marshal, Oklahoma State University