Rebekah Bryant

Rebekah Bryant
  • Doctoral Candidate
  • Self Graduate Fellow

Contact Info

KBS - Higuchi Hall


Faculty Mentor: James Bever

Research Interests: Restoration ecology, plant-microbe interactions, mycorrhizal ecology

Hometown: Shreveport, LA


B.S. in Environmental Science, Rice University
B.A. in Biological Sciences, Rice University

Selected Presentations

  • Bryant, R.L.A., G. Neumiller, S. Curran, C. Nash, and C. R. See. Species and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi effects on accumulation of soil carbon and nitrogen in a forest biodiversity experiment. Ecological Society of America, Virtual meeting, August 2020. Contributed poster presentation.
  • Bryant, R.L.A., C.G.B. Grupstra, and A.M.S. Correa. Preliminary evidence that heat stress alters coral photosymbiont health and viral diversity. Yosemite Symbiosis Workshop, Wawona, California, May 2019. Contributed poster presentation.
  • Bryant, R.L.A., N.R. Gezon, and K.B. Strychar. CRESS-DNA virus-like sequence associated with quagga mussels in Lake Michigan benthos. Houston Regional Ecology and Evolution Student Symposium, Houston, Texas, May 2018. Contributed poster presentation.

Attended conferences

  • Bryant, R.L.A. North American Prairie Conference. Clear Lake, Texas. June 2019.
  • Bryant, R.L.A. Gulf of Mexico Reef Symposium. Houston, Texas. October 2018.


Grants & Other Funded Activity

  • Bryant, R.L.A. Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship. The University of Kansas. $128,000. 48 mo. 07/26/20 – 07/26/24.