Folashade B. Agusto

Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ph.D., Ilorin University, Nigeria, 2008
Primary office:
3002 Haworth Hall

Dr. Agusto's research work is focused on the use of mathematical and statistical modeling approaches to gain insight into the ecology and epidemiology of some emerging and re-emerging human and zoonotic disease of public health importance. 

The ecological component of my research entails, inter alia, studying the effect of environmental variables (such as temperature) on the abundance of disease vectors as well as modeling invasive species and forest/beetle interactions (aimed at controlling the adverse impact of the species).  The epidemiological component of my work is focused on understanding the transmission mechanisms of disease and to determine effect control strategies.  I have designed and analyzed novel models for the dynamics of diseases such as Ebola, avian influenza, bovine tuberculosis, Johnes disease, toxplasmagondii, Chikungunya, and malaria.


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Agusto, F. B., S. Bewick, and R.D. Parshad. 2012.  Mosquito management in the face of natural selection.  Journal of Mathematical Biosciences. 239: 154-168.

Agusto, F. B., A. B. Gumel, S. Lenhart, and A. Odoi.  2011. Mathematical analysis of the transmission dynamics of bovine tuberculosis model.  Journal of Mathematical Methods in Applied Sciences 34: 1873-1887.

Parshad, R. D. and F. B. Agusto. 2011.  Global dynamics of a PDE model for Aedes aegypti mosquitoe incorporating female sexual preference.  Dynamics of PDE 8(4): 311-343.


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