Paris Veltsos

Post-doctoral Researcher
Primary office:
5032 Haworth Hall


Faculty Sponsor:  John Kelly

Selected Presentations

Recent Presentations:

Veltsos, P. 2020.  Artificial selection on Flower size disproportionately affects sex-biased genes in Silene latifolia.  Popgroup 53, Leicester, UK., June.

Veltsos, P. 2019.  Y-chrmosome degeneration in plants: the effect of 10 millions years. Evolution 2019, Providence, R.I., June.

Veltsos, P. 2019.  Poster: An updated genetic map in Silene latifolia shows sex-specific selection. Evolution 2019, Providence, R.I., June.

Veltsos, P. 2019. Insights into sex chromosome evolution from genetic mapping. Armherst College, Amherst, MA., March.

Veltsos, P. 2018. Evolution of semi-independent homomorphic Y chromosomes in an annual plant species complex.  ESEB, Montpellier, FR., August.

Recent Publications:

Veltsos, P., Rodrigues, N., Studer, T., Ma, W.J., Leunberger, J., Sermier, R., Perrin, N.  (2020).  No evidence that Y-chromosome differentiation affects male fitness in a Swiss population of common frogs.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology 33(4): 401-409.

Li, X., Veltsos, P., Cossard, G., Gerchen, J. Pannell, JR (2019).  YY males of the dioecious plant Mercurialis annua are fully viable but produce largely infertile pollen.  New Phytologist 244(3): 1394-1404.

Veltsos, P., Delph, LF. (2019).  The X chromosome is necessary for ovule production in Silene latifolia PLoS One 14(5): e0217578.

Veltsos, P., Rodout, K.E., Toups, MA, Gonzalez-Martinez, S. Muyle, A. Emery O., Rastas, P., Hudzieczek, V., Hobza, R., Vyskot, B., Marais, GAB, Filatov, DA., Pannell, JR.  (2019). Early sex-chromosome evolution in the diploid dioecious plant Mercurialis annuaGenetics 212(3): 815-835.

Veltsos, P. (2018). Not all sex-biased genes are the same.  New Phytologist 221(1): 10-11.

Ma, WJ., Veltsos, P., Sermier, R., Parker, DJ, Perrin, N. (2018).  Evolutionary and developmental dynamics of sex-biased gene expression in common frogs with proto-Y chromosomes.  Genome Biology 19(1): 156.

Ma., WJ., Veltsos, P., Toups, MA, Rodrigues, N., Sermier, R., Jeffries, DL., Perrin, N. (2018).  Tissue specificity and dynamics of sex-biased gene expression in a common frog population with differentiated, yet homomorphic, sex chromosomes. Genes 9(6): 294.

Veltsos, P., Cossard, G., Beaudoing, E., Beydon, G., Savoya-Bianchi, D., Roux, C., Gonzalez-Martinez, SC., Pannell, JR. (2018). Th size and content of the sex-determining region of the Y chromosome in dioecious Mercurialis annua, a plant with homomorphic sex chromosomes.  Genes 9(6): 277.


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