Rudolf Jander

Professor, Emeritus
Primary office:


Dr. Jander's research focuses on experimental analysis of behavioral mechanisms and reconstruction of behavioral macro-evolution.

My research focuses on experimental analysis of behavioral mechanisms and reconstruction of behavioral macro-evolution. The behavioral mechanisms studied include spatial orientation, visual perception, and learning. Specific topics for macro-evolutionary investigations include spatial orientation, grooming behavior, insect communicatin and pollen collecting in bees. This work emphasizes social insects, and includes a variety of arthropod and non-arthropod taxa.

Selected Publications

  • Najera, D. A., E. L. McCullough, and R. Jander. 2012. "Interpatch foraging in honeybees – rational decision making at secondary hubs based upon time and motivation" Animal Cognition. 15(6). 1195-1203.
  • Najera, D. A. and R. Jander. 2012. "Honeybee methodology and theory: reconciling local directional decision making in interpatch foraging and interpreting their theoretical relevance" Animal Cognition. 15(2). 251-263.
  • Palikij, J., E. Ebert, M. Preston, A. McBride, and R. Jander. 2012. "Evidence for the honeybee’s place knowledge in the vicinity of the hive" Journal of Insect Physiology. 58. 1289-1298.
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