NIkki Dyanne Castanos Realubit

Master's Student
Primary office:
BI, Dyche Hall


Advisor: Rafe Brown
Research interests: Herpetology, species/landscape ecology and conservation, science education
Hometown: Ozamiz, Philippines


  • BS Biology
  • Wildlife Studies


  • De Guia, APO, Realubit, NDC, Jaluague JCA. 2018. Distribution and diet of small nonvolant mammals along elevational gradients of Mt. Banahaw. Philippine Science Letters 11:1.
  • Gonzalez, JCT, Layusa, CAA, …, Realubit, NDC, … 2018. Review and update of the 2004 National List of Threatened Terrestrial Fauna of the Philippines. Sylvatrop 28:1.
  • Huron NA, Realubit, NDC, Cobb, KA, Brown, JC, Bergmann, P, Morinaga, G, Diesmos, AC, Diesmos, ML, Brown, RM, Siler CD. 2016. Discovery of new island populations of the recently described False Geckos (Pseudogekko pungkaypinit and Pseudogekko ditoy): Conservation implications for the eastern Philippines. Herpetological Review 47(1)1-4.
  • Realubit, NDC, Diesmos, ML, Lorenzo, A, De Layola, LA, Diesmos, AC, Brown, JC, Brown, RM, Bergmann, P, Morinaga, G, Siler, CD, Huron, NA, Siler, J. 2015. Brachymeles samarensis (Brown’s Short-legged Skink). Herpetological Review 47(1):80.
  • Sy EY, De Layola LA, Necesito LV, Realubit, NDC, Diesmos AC. 2015. Kaloula walteri (Walter’s Narrowmouthed Frog) predation. Herpetological Review 46(3).
  •  Sanguila, MBS, Realubit, NDC, Diesmos, ML, Lorenzo, A, De Layola, LA, Brown, JC, Cobb, KA, Bergmann, P, Morinaga, G, Freitas, E, Huron, NA, Watters, JL. 2015. Pelophryne lightii (Mindanao Flat-headed Toad). Herpetological Review 46(3).
  •  Realubit, NDC, Diesmos, ML, Lorenzo, A, De Layola, LA, Diesmos, AC, Brown, JC, Brown, RM, Bergmann, P, Morinaga, G, Siler, CD, Huron, NA, Siler, J. 2015. Draco mindananensis (Mindanao Flying Lizard). Herpetological Review 46(2).


  •  Realubit, N.D.C., Afuang, L.E.A. and C.P.E Española. Habitat associations of parrots in Bataan and Palawan. 24th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium. University of Eastern Philippines, Catarman, Samar, April 2015. Oral presentation.
  • Realubit, N.D.C. and J. T. Acay. Establishing baseline ecological information for the Isabela Oriole (Oriolus isabellae). Student Conference on Conservation Science-Australia. University of Queensland Australia, Brisbane, January, 2015. Oral presentation.
  • Realubit, N.D.C., J. T. Acay and C.P. Espanola. Minimum viable population of Luzon parrots. Student Conference on Conservation Science-Beijing. Peking University, Beijing, China, November, 2014. . Oral presentation.
  • Realubit, N.D.C., and L.E. Afuang. Is the Blue-headed a suitable flagship species for Busuanga Island? Society of Conservation Biology-Asia 2014 Conference University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Sept, 2014. Oral presentation.

Conference Attendance:

  • Realubit, N.D.C.  International Conference on Biosphere and Sustainability.  Puerto Princesa, Philippines. 24–26 July 2009.
  • Realubit, N.D C. 27th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium: Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation. Organizing committee member. 17-19 October 2018.
  • Realubit, N.D. C. Tropical Biology Association Borneo Field Course. Small project on anuran acoustics. Sabah, Malaysia – 1-30 October 2017.
  • Realubit, N.D. C. 26th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium: New and emerging trends. Organizing committee member. Quezon City, Philippines. 18-22 July 2017.
  • Realubit, N.D. C. 25th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium: 25 years of collaborative biodiversity conservation. Organizing committee member. Calapan City, Philippines Organizing committee member. 5-9 April 2016.
  • Realubit, N.D. C. 6th International Hornbill Conference: Hornbills and caring communities. Moderator/facilitator. Makati City, Philippines. 24-26 April 2013.

Major Grants and Proposals:

  • Reyes-Antonio, K.M. (Project Leader) Realubit, N.D.C. (Head trainer).  Knowledge is Power to the Forest Project. National Geographic $30,000.  12 mo.  01/01/19–04/01/20.  Funded.
  • Acay, J.T. (Project Leader) Realubit, N.D.C. (Co-leader).  Establishing baseline data for the Critically Endangered Isabela Oriole. Conservation Leadership Programme $15,000.  18 mo. 08/01/12–07/01/14.  Funded.

Minor Grants and Proposals:

  • Realubit, N.D.C. (Project coordinator) and  van de Ven, W.A.C. (Project leader). Batnaes Pit Viper project.  $3000.  6 mo.  02/01/16–08/01/16.  Funded.

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