Kenneth B. Armitage

Baumgartner Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Primary office:


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1954

Behavioral Ecology

Research Program

  • Social biology of the yellow-bellied marmot
  • Biodiversity of marmots
  • Life history strategies of ground-dwelling sciurids

Current Research

  • Population biology of marmots

Representative Publications

  • Maldonado-Chaparro, A., J. G. A. Martin, K. B. Armitage, M. K. Oli and D. T. Blumstein. 2015. Environmentally induced phenotypic variation in wild yellow-bellied marmots. Journal of Mammalogy 96: 269-278.
  • Armitage, K. B. and C. M. Salsbury. 2015. Pattern and variation in the time budget of the yellow-bellied marmot. Ethology, Ecology, and Evolution
  • Armitage, K. B. 2014. Marmot Biology. Sociality, Individual Fitness, and Population Dynamics.  Cambridge University Press. 407 pp.
  • Armitage, K. B. 2014. Book Review. Population fluctuations in rodents.  The Quarterly Review of Biology 89(1): 74-75.
  • Armitage, K. B. 2012. Sociality, individual fitness and population dynamics of yellow-bellied marmots. Molecular Ecology 21:532-540.
  • Armitage, K. B., D. H. Van Vuren, A. Ozgul, and M. K. Oli. 2011. Proximate causes of dispersal in female yellow-bellied marmots, Marmota flaviventris. Ecology 92:218-227.
  • Armitage, K. B. 2010. Individual fitness, social behavior, and population dynamics of yellow-bellied marmots. Pp. 134-155 In The Ecology of Place, I. Billick and M. K. Price, eds. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago
  • Ozgul, A., D. Z. Childs, M. K. Oli, K. B. Armitage, D. T. Blumstein, L. E Olson, S. Tuljpurkar, and T. Coulson. 2010. Coupled dynamics of body mass and population growth in response to environmental change. Nature 466:482-485.
  • Armitage, K. B. 2008. Phylogeny and patterns of energy conservation in marmots. Pages 591–602 In S. Morris & A. Vosloo, eds. 4th CPB Meeting In Africa: Mara 2008. Molecules to Migration: The Pressures of Life. Medimond Publishing, Bologna.
  • Oli, M. K. and K. B. Armitage. 2008. Indirect fitness benefits do not compensate for the loss of direct fitness in yellow-bellied marmots. Journal of Mammalogy 89:874–881.
  • Armitage, K. B. 2007. Evolution of sociality in marmots: it begins with hibernation. Pp. 356-367 In J.O. Wolff & P. W. Sherman, eds. Rodent Societies: An Ecological & Evolutionary Perspective. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  • Oli, M. K. & K. B. Armitage. 2004. Yellow-bellied marmot population dynamics: demographic mechanisms of growth and decline. Ecology 85:2446-2455.
  • Oli, M. K. & K. B. Armitage. 2003. Sociality and individual fitness in yellow-bellied marmots: insights from a long-term study (1962-2001). Oecologia 136:543-550.
  • Armitage, K. B. & O. A. Schwartz. 2000. Social enhancement of fitness in yellow-bellied marmots. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97:12149-12152

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