Joy Ward

Adjunct Professor
Primary office:
Haworth Hall


Dr. Ward is interested in understanding how global change factors influence the physiology, population structure, and evolution of plants.

Research Interests

My research program aims to incorporate the effects of physiological and evolutionary responses of plants to environmental change, particularly changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration. I strive to explain these responses at the molecular, physiological, and evolutionary levels, since an understanding of primary mechanisms are critical for accurately predicting plant responses to future global change scenarios. Furthermore, by incorporating plant responses to past global changes that are recorded in the fossil record, my research provides unique perspectives into how plants may respond to long-term changes in the availability of fundamental plant resources. Such findings will be highly relevant to predicting the trajectory of plants in response to anthropogenic changes in [CO2] and climate, and for determining how to best sustain and conserve our current ecosystems.

Selected Publications

  • Carter, J.M, Burnette, T.E., Ward, J.K. In Press. Tree physiology and intraspecific responses to extreme events: Insights from the most extreme heat year in U.S. history. In: Becklin, K.M., Ward, J.K., and Way, D.A. (eds).  Advances in Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Climate Change. Springer Nature
  • Fischer, J. M, and Ward, J.K. 2019. Trichome responses to elevated atmospheric CO2 of the future. In: Becklin, K.M., Ward, J.K, and Way, D.A. (eds). Advances in Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Climate Change, Springer Nature.
  • Walker, II, S.M, and Ward, J.K. 2018. Interactions between rising CO2 and temperature drive accelerated flowering in model plants under changing conditions of the last century. Oecologia 187: 911‐919.
  • Hultine, K.R., Bush, S.E., Ward, J.K., and Dawson, T.E. 2018. Does sexual dimorphism predispose dioecious riparian trees to sex ratio imbalances under climate change? Oecologia 187: 921‐931
  • Boiteau, R.M., Hoyt, D.W., Nicora, C.D., Kinmonth‐Schultz, H.A., Ward, J.K., and Bingol, K. 2018. Structure elucidation of unknown metabolites in metabolomics by combined NMR and MS/MS prediction. Metabolites 8: 8.
  • Li, G., Gerhart, L. M., Harrison, S. P., Ward, J. K., Harris, J. M., and Prentice, I. C. 2017. Changes in biomass allocation buffer low CO2 effects on tree growth during the last glaciation. Scientific Reports 7: 43087.
  • Becklin, K. M., Walker, S. M., Way, D., and Ward, J. K. 2017. CO2 studies remain key for understanding a future world. New Phytologist 199: 738-748. doi: 10.1111/nph.12318
  • Carter, J. M., Orive, M. E., Gerhart, L. M., Stern, J. H., Marchin, R. M., Nagel, J., and Ward, J. K. 2017. Warmest extreme year in U.S. history alters thermal requirements for tree phenology. Oecologia. doi: 10.1007/s00442-017-3838-z.
  • Becklin, K. M., Walker, S. M., Way, D., and Ward, J. K. 2016. CO2 studies remain key for understanding a future world. New Phytologist 199: 738-748.
  • Becklin, K. M., Anderson, J. T., Gerhart, L., Wadgymar, S., Wessinger, C. A., and Ward, J. K. 2016. Examining plant physiological responses to climate change through an evolutionary lens. Plant Physiology 172: 635-649.
  • Becklin, K. M., Mullinix, G., and Ward, J. K. 2016. Host plant physiology and mycorrhizal functioning shift across a glacial through future [CO2] gradient. Plant Physiology 172: 789-801.
  • Walker, L. R., Hoyt, D. W., Walker, S. M., II, Ward, J. K., Nicora, C. D., and Bingol, K. 2016. Unambiguous metabolite identification in high-throughput metabolomics by hybrid 1D 1H NMR/ESI MS1 approach. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 54: 998-1003.
  • J.K. Ward, and L. Wingate. 2015. A dynamic leaf gas-exchange strategy is conserved in woody plats under changing [C02] enrichment studies.  Global Change Biology 22(2): 889-902.
  • McLean BS, JK Ward, MJ Polito, SD Emslie. 2014. Responses of alpine herbaceous plant assemblages to low glacial [CO2] revealed by fossil marmot
    (Marmota) teeth. Oecologia 175(4). DOI: 10.1007/s00442-014-2982-y ·
  • Fuller BT, SM Fahrni, JM Harris, A Farrell, JB Coltrain, LM Gerhart, JK Ward, RE Taylor, JR Southon. 2014. Ultrafiltration for asphalt removal from bone collagen for radiocarbon dating and isotopic analysis of Pleistocene fauna at the tar pits of Rancho La Brea.  Elsevier 22: 85-98.
  • Becklin KM, JS Medeiros, K Sale, *JK Ward. 2014. Evolutionary history underlies plant physiological responses to global change since the Last Glacial Maximum. Ecology Letters: 17: 691-699.
  • Basheer-salimia R, *JK Ward. 2014. Climate change and its effects on olive tree physiology in Palestine. Review Of Research: 3: 1-7
  • Medeiros JS, JK Ward. 2013. Increasing atmospheric [CO2] from glacial to future concentrations affects drought tolerance via impacts on leaves, xylem and their integrated function. New Phytologist: 199: 738-748.
  • Ward, J. K., D. S. Roy, I. Chatterjee, C. R. Bone, C. J. Springer, and J. K. Kelly. 2012. "Identification of a major QTL that alters flowering time at elevated [CO2] in Arabidopsis thaliana" PLoS ONE. 7. e49028.
  • Gerhart, L. M., J. M. Harris, J. B. Nippert, D. R. Sandquist, and J. K. Ward. 2012. "Glacial trees from the La Brea tar pits show physiological constraints of low CO2" New Phytologist. 194. 63-69.
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  • Ward, J. K., D. A. Myers, and R. B. Thomas. 2008. "Physiological and growth responses of C3 and C4 plants to reduced temperature when grown at low CO2 of the last ice age" Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. 50. 1388-1395.
  • Marchin RM, EL Sage, JK Ward. 2008. Population-level variation of Fraxinus americana L. (white ash) is influenced by precipitation differences across the native range. Tree Physiology 28: 151-159
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  • Ward, J. K.. 2005. "Evolution and growth of plants in a low CO2 world" A History of Atmospheric CO2 and Its Effects on Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems. edited by Ehleringer, J. R., T. E. Cerling, and D. Dearing. 232-257.
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