Grey Gustafson

Post-doctoral Researcher
Primary office:


Faculty Sponsor:  Andrew Short


My research focuses on the systematics and phylogenetics of aquatic beetles, particularly the whirligig beetles (the family Gyrinidae). I utilize phylogenetic reconstruction to study their evolution and diversification and am interested in the interplay between sexual selection and speciation in this group, as well as their historical biogeography.

Selected Publications:

  • Gustafson, G.T. Baca, S., Alexander, A., and Short, A. 2019. Phylogenomic analysis of the beetle suborder Adephaga with comparison of tailored and generalized ultraconserved element probe performance. Systematic Entomology, doi: 10.1111/syen.12413.
  • Gustafson, G., Alexander, A., Sproul, J., Pflug, J., Maddison, D., and Short, A. 2019. Ultraconserved element (UCE) probe set design: base genome and initial design parameters critical for optimization. Ecology and Evolution 9(12): 6933-6948.
  • Gustafson, G.T. 2018. Cenozoic out-of-Africa dispersal shaped diversification of the whirligig beetle genus Aulonogyrus (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae: Gyrinini). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 76(2): 295–302.
  • Gustafson, G. T., and Short, A. E. Z. 2017. Review of the whirligig beetle genus Gyrinus of Venezuela (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae). Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 57: 479-520.Baca, S. M., Alexander, A.,
  • Gustafson, G. T., and Short, A. E. Z. 2017. Ultraconserved elements show utility in phylogenetic inference of Adephaga (Coleoptera) and suggest paraphyly of ‘Hydradephaga’. Systematic Entomology 42: 786-795.Fikáček, M.,
  • G.T. Gustafson, and Short, A. E. Z. 2017. On Wet Rocks with Snorkels: Immature stages of Tritonus Cascade Beetles with unusual modifications of Spiracles (Hydrophilidae: Laccobiini). Annales Zoologici 67: 91–107

Selected Presentatons:

  • Gustafson, G.T., and Short, A.E.Z. 2019. Improving the targeted capture of Ultraconserved Elements for phylogenetic inference: A case study using the water beetle family Noteridae (Coleoptera). Entomological Society of America, St. Louis, MO., November.


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