Checklist of the Graduation Requirements to Finish the M.A. Option II (Non-Thesis)

Note:  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the EEB Graduate Program Coordinator at least three to two weeks prior to the master’s final exam to request departmental and College permission to schedule the event.  Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator early during the semester of anticipated degree completion to receive detailed instructions for completing remaining degree requirements and their deadlines.


  1. Coursework Requirements

    • Scientific Integrity in EEB (BIOL 805)
    • Statistics, such as Biometry I (BIOL 841), or previous knowledge
    • Core Topics in Current EEB Research (BIOL 801)
    • Other course requirements set by the PAM/RAC
    • A minimum of 36 graduate credits in courses numbered 500 or above in ecology and evolutionary biology and related fields; no more than 12 hours of the 36 may be from enrollment in thesis or advanced research
  2. Master’s Final General Examination in major subject (usually completed during final term of enrollment)
  3. Apply to Graduate
  4. Report Submission:  Submit a PDF of the report to the EEB Graduate Program Coordinator
  5. Provide scan or paper document of the title page containing committee member signatures to the EEB Graduate Program Coordinator
  6. Set up an in-person, confidential exit interview with the Chair of EEB