Wm. Leo Smith

Assistant Professor
Assistant Curator
Ph.D., Columbia University, 2005
Primary office:
Dyche Hall, room 701C

Dr. Smith's research focus is the comparative evolutionary biology of fishes. 

Selected Publications

  • Wainwright, P. C., W. L. Smith, S. A. Price, K. L. Tang, J. S. Sparks, L. A. Ferry, K. L. Kuhn, R. I. Eytan, and T. J. Near. 2012. "The evolution of pharyngognathy: A phylogenetic and functional appraisal of the pharyngeal jaw key innovation in labroid fishes and beyond" Systematic Biology online early.
  • Near, T. J., R. I. Eytan, A. Dornburg, K. L. Kuhn, J. A. Moore, M. P. Davis, P. C. Wainwright, M. Friedman, and W. L. Smith. 2012. "Resolution of ray-finned fish phylogeny and timing of diversification" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 109. 13698-13703.
  • Near, T. J., M. Sandel, K. L. Kuhn, P. J. Unmack, P. C. Wainwright, and W. L. Smith. 2012. "Nuclear gene-inferred phylogenies resolve the relationships of the enigmatic Pygmy Sunfishes, Elassoma (Teleostei: Percomorpha)" Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 63. 388-395.
  • Wiley, E. O., P. Chakrabarty, M. T. Craig, M. P. Davis, N. I. Holcroft, R. L. Mayden, and W. L. Smith. 2011. "Will the real phylogeneticists please stand up?" Zootaxa. 2946. 7-16.
  • Li, C., R. Betancur-R., W. L. Smith, and G. Orti. 2011. "Monophyly and interrelationships of Snook and Barramundi (Centropomidae sensu Greenwood) and five new markers for fish phylogenetics" Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 60. 463-471.
  • Chakrabarty, P., M. P. Davis, W. L. Smith, Z. H. Baldwin, and J. S. Sparks. 2011. "Is sexual selection driving diversification of the bioluminescent ponyfishes (Teleostei: Leiognathidae)?" Molecular Ecology. 20. 2818-2834.
  • Chakrabarty, P., M. P. Davis, W. L. Smith, R. Berquist, K. Gledhill, L. Frank, and J. S. Sparks. 2011. "Evolution of the light organ system in ponyfishes (Teleostei: Leiognathidae)" Journal of Morphology. 272. 704-721.
  • Wiley, E. O., P. Chakrabarty, M. T. Craig, M. P. Davis, N. I. Holcroft, R. L. Mayden, and W. L. Smith. 2011. "A Response to Mooi, Williams and Gill" Zootaxa. 2946. 33-37.
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  • Smith, W. L., P. Chakrabarty, and J. S. Sparks. 2008. "Phylogeny, taxonomy, and evolution of Neotropical cichlids (Teleostei: Cichlidae: Cichlinae)" Cladistics. 24. 625-641.
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  • Smith, W. L. and J. S. Sparks. 2007. "Case 3383: Gobius lagocephalus: Pallas 1770 (currently Sicyopterus lagocephalus: Teleostei, Gobiidae): Proposed suppression of the specific name" Bulletin of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. 64. 103-107.
  • Smith, W. L. and W. C. Wheeler. 2006. "Venom evolution widespread in fishes: A road map for the bioprospecting of piscine venoms" Journal of Heredity. 97. 206-217.
  • Webb, J. F., W. L. Smith, and D. R. Ketten. 2006. "The laterophysic connection and swim bladder of butteryflyfishes in the genus Chaetodon (Perciformes: Chaetodontidae)" Journal of Morphology. 267. 1338-1355.
  • Sparks, J. S. and W. L. Smith. 2006. "Sicyopterus lagocephalus: Widespread species, species complex, or neither? A critique on the use of molecular data for species identification" Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 40. 900-902.
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  • Webb, J. F. and W. L. Smith. 2000. "The laterophysic connection in chaetodontid butterfly- fishes: Morphological variation and speculations on sensory function" Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B. 355. 1125-1129.
  • Baldwin, C. C. and W. L. Smith. 1998. "Belonoperca pylei, a new species of seabass (Teleostei: Serranidae: Epinephelinae: Diploprionini) from the Cook Islands with comments on relationships among diploprionins" Ichthyological Research. 45. 325-339.
  • Smith, W. L.. 1996. "Oarfish: A glimpse into the abyss" Ocean Realm.

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