Sharon Billings

Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Senior Scientist, Kansas Biological Survey
Ph.D., Duke University, 1998
Primary office:
Higuchi Hall


Dr. Billings' research characterizes the features governing nitrogen, carbon and water fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems, and how these dynamics are influenced by environmental change.

Selected Publications

Richter, D. D., Billings, S. A., Groffman, P. M., Kelly, E. F., Lohse, K. A., McDowell, W. H., White, T. S., Anderson, S., Baldocchi, D. D., Banwart, S. Brantley, S., Braun, J. J., Brecheisen, Z. S., Cook, C. W., Hartnett, H. E., Hobbie, S. E., Gaillardet, J., Jobbagy, E., Jungkunst, H. F., Kazanski, C. E., Krishnaswamy, J., Markewitz, D., O’Neill, K., Riebe, C. S., Schroeder, P., Siebe, C., Silver, W. L., Thompson, A., Verhoef, A., and Zhang, G.  2018.  Ideas and perspectives: Strengthening the biogeosciences in environmental research networks. Biogeosciences 15: 4815-4832. doi: 10.5194/bg-15-4815-2018.

Philben, M., Butler, S., Billings, S.A., Benner, R., Edwards, K.A., Ziegler, S.E.  2018.  Biochemical and structural controls on the decomposition dynamics of boreal upland forest moss tissues.  Biogeosciences 15: 6731-6746. doi: 10.5194/bg-15-6731-2018.

Ballantyne, F., Billings, S.A.  2018.  Model formulation of microbial CO2 production and efficiency can significantly influence short and long term soil C projections.  The ISME Journal. doi: 10.1038/s41396-018-0085-1.

Ballantyne, F., Billings, S.A.  2018.  Model formulation of microbial CO2 production and efficiency can significantly influence short and long term soil C projections.  The ISME Journal. doi: 10.1038/s41396-018-0085-1.

Billings, S.A., Hirmas, D., Sullivan, P.L., Lehmeier, C.A., Bagchi, S., Min, K., Brecheisen, Z., Hauser, E., Stair, R., Flournoy, R., Richter, D. deB.  2018.  Loss of deep roots limits biogenic agents of soil development that are only partially restored by decades of forest regeneration.  Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 6: 34. doi: 10.1525/elementa.287.

Philben, M., Billings, S.A., Edwards, K.A., Podrebarac, F.A., van Biesen, G., Ziegler, S.E.  2018. Amino acid δ15N indicates lack of N isotope fractionation during soil organic nitrogen decomposition.  Biogeochemistry. doi: 10.1007/s10533-018-0429-y.

Ziegler, S., Benner, R., Billings, S., Edwards, K., Philben, M., Zhu, X., and Laganiere, J. 2017. Climate warming can accelerate carbon fluxes without changing soil carbon stocks. Frontiers in Earth Science. doi: 10.3389/feart.2017.00002

Billings, S., Min, K., Ballantyne, F., Chen, Y., and Sellers, M. 2016. Aging exo-enzymes can create temporally shifting, temperature-dependent resource landscapes for microbes. Biogeochemistry 131(1-2): 163-172.

Billings, S., Glaser, S., Boone, A., and Stephen, F. 2016. Nonlinear tree growth dynamics predict resilience to disturbance. Ecosphere. doi:doi:10.1890/ES15-00176.1

Lehmeier, C., Ballantyne, F., IV, Min, K., and Billings, S. 2016. Temperature-mediated changes in microbial carbon use efficiency and 13C discrimination. Biogeosciences 13: 3319-3329.

Dialynas, Y., Bastola, S., Bras, R., Billings, S., Markewitz, D., and Richter, D. 2016. Topographic variability and the influence of soil erosion on the carbon cycle. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. doi:10.1002/2015GB005302.

Billings, S., Boone, A., and Stephen, F. 2016. Tree-ring δ13C and δ18O, leaf δ13C and wood and leaf N status demonstrate tree growth strategies and predict susceptibility to disturbance. Tree Physiology, 36(5): 576-88.

Min, K., Lehmeier, C. A., F. B., IV, and Billings, S. A. 2016. Carbon availability modifies temperature responses of heterotrophic microbial respiration, carbon uptake affinity, and stable carbon isotope discrimination. Frontiers in Microbiology 7: 2083.

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I focus on global-scale perturbations (e.g., changed precipitation patterns and temperature regimes, elevated carbon dioxide, altered nitrogen availability) in an effort to predict how Earth's biogeochemical cycles--and their dependencies on each other--will function in the future. Such work is critical for understanding the atmospheric composition and ecosystem production of our planet.

Selected Publications

  • Huang, Z., Liu, B., Davis, M., Sardans, J., Penuelas, J., & Billings, S. (2015). Long-term nitrogen deposition linked to reduced water use efficiency in forests with low phosphorus availability. In New Phytologist. doi:doi:10.1111/nph.13785
  • Billings, S. A., Glaser, S. M., Boone, A. S., & Stephen, F. M. (2015). Nonlinear tree growth dynamics predict resilience to disturbance. Ecosphere 6(11). doi:10.1890/ES15-00176.1
  • Haavik, L. J., Billings, S. A., Guldin, J. M., & Stephen, F. M. (2015). Emergent insects, pathogens and drought shape changing patterns in oak decline in North America and Europe. Forest Ecology and Management 354: 190-205.
  • Billings, S., Tiemann, L., Ballantyne, F., IV, Lehmeier, C., & Min, K. (2015). Investigating microbial transformations of soil organic matter: synthesizing knowledge from disparate fields to guide new experimentation. Soil 1: 313-330.
  • Billings, S. A., & Schlesinger, W. H. (2015). Letter to the Editor on: “Pyrogenic organic matter production from wildfires: a missing sink in the global carbon cycle’. Global Change Biology 21(8), 2831. doi:10.1111/gcb.12836
  • Laganiere, J., Podrebarac, F., Billings, S. A., Edwards, K. A., & Ziegler, S. E. (2015). A warmer climate reduces the bioreactivity of isolated boreal forest soil horizons without increasing the temperature sensitivity of respiratory CO2 loss. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 84: 177-188. doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.
  • Kohl, L., Laganiere, J., Edwards, K. A., Billings, S. A., Morrill, P. L., Van Biesen, G., & Ziegler, S. E. (2015). Distinct fungal and bacterial delta C-13 signatures as potential drivers of increasing delta C-13 of soil organic matter with depth. Biogeochemistry124(1-3): 13-26. doi:10.1007/s10533-015-0107-2
  • Richter, D. D., & Billings, S.A. (2015). 'One physical system': Tansley's ecosystem as earth's critical zone.  New Phytologist 206(3): 900-912. doi: 10.1111/nph.13338.
  • Podrebarac, F. A. Laganiere, J., Billings, S.A., Edwards, K.A,, Ziegler, S.E. 2015.  Soils isolated during incubation underestimate temperature sensivity of respiration and its response to climate history.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry 93: 60-68.
  • Billings, S.A., Tiemann, L.K. 2014. Warming-induced enhancement of soil N2O efflux linked to distinct response times of genes driving N2O production and onsumption. Biogeochemistry doi 10.1007/s10533-014-9973-2
  • Li, J., Ziegler, S.E., Lane, C.S., Billings, S.A. 2013. Legacies of native climate regime govern responses of boreal soil microbes to litter stoichiometry and temperature. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 66:204-213. 
  • Richter, D.deB, Bacon, A.R., Billings, S.A., Binkley, D., Buford, M., Callaham, M.A., Curry, A.E., Fimmen, R.L., Grandy, A.S., Heine, P.R., Hofmockel, M., Jackson, J.A., Lemaster, E., Li, J.W., Markewitz, D., Mobley, M.L., Morrison, M.W., Strickland, M.S., Waldrop, T., and Wells, C.G. 2014. Evolution of Soil, Ecosystem, and Critical Zone Research at the Calhoun Experimental Forest, in Hayes, D.C., Stout, S., Hoover, A., and Crawford, R. Research for the Long-Term: The interplay of societal need and research on USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests and Ranges. Springer Verlag, NY.
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