Robert W. Lichtwardt

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. University of Illinois

Trichomycetes – Fungi Associated with Arthropod

Current Research

Mycology. Fungi that parasitize or are symbiotically associated with insects, with emphasis on the systematics, physiology, nutrition, ecology, morphogenesis, ultrastructure, biogeography and evolution of the Trichomycetes, a class of fungi that live obligately within the guts of arthropods.

h4>Representative Publications

  • Lichtwardt, R.W. ,and M.M. White. 2011. Epitypification of Smittium the largest genus of Harpellales. Mycologia 102..
  • Lichtwardt, R.W. 2011. Dacryodiomyces, a new genus of Harpellales in Chironomidae larvae. Mycologia 103..
  • Lichtwardt, R.W., and M.M. White. 2011. Klastostachys, a new genus of Harpellales in Chironomidae larvae. Mycologia 103..
  • Lichtwardt, R.W. 2011. Evolution of Trichomycetes. Chapter 5 in Systematics and Evolution of Fungi, J.K. Misra, J.P. Tiwari, S.K. Deshmukh, eds. Science Publishers, Enfield, New Hampshire..
  • Lichtwardt, R.W. 2008. Trichomycetes and the arthropod gut, p. 3-19. In: The Mycota VI, Chapter 1,, Human and Animal Relations, 2nd Edition, A.A. Brakhage and P.F. Zipfel, eds. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
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  • Ferrington, L.C., Jr., Lichtwardt, R.W., Hayford, B., and Williams, M.C. 2005. Symbiotic Harpellales (Trichomycetes) in Tasmanian aquatic insects. Mycologia 97: 254-262.

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