Lucas H. DeCicco

Doctoral candidate
Primary office:
BI- Dyche Hall


Advisor: Robert Moyle
Research interests: Avian phylogeography & taxonomy; museum collections growth, development, and use; avifauna of eastern Indonesia
Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska



  • BS in biology; Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada



  • DeCicco, L. H., Gibson, D. D., Tobish, T. G. Jr., Heinl, S. C., Hajdukovich, N. R., Johnson, J. A., and C. W. Wright. Accepted 2017. Migrant Birds of Middleton Island and the Gulf of Alaska. Western Birds.
  • Robinson, B. W., A. Bowman, L. H. DeCicco, and J. Wright. 2017. First breeding record of the Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis phoebe) in Alaska. Western Birds 48: 145-147.
  • Johnson, J. A., T. Booms, L. H. DeCicco, and D. Douglas. 2017. Annual movements of the Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus) in western North America revealed by satellite telemetry. Journal of Raptor Research 51: 115-128.
  • DeCicco, L. H., D. Shutler, and S. Mockford. 2017. Morphological Differences between Neartic and Palearctic Gray-headed Chickadees. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 129: 171-175.
  • DeCicco, L. H. and W. Holman. 2017. Ansonia spinulifer (Slender Spiny Toad). Vocal Description. Herpetological Review 48: 157-158.
  • DeCicco, L. H. 2017. The first description of the nest of Seram Golden Bulbul Thapsinillas affinis affinis Seram, Indonesia. BirdingASIA 26: 71-72.
  • Hajdukovich, N. R., L. H. DeCicco, and P. S. Tomkovich. 2015. Western North American Records of Eurasian Bar-tailed Godwits. Western Birds 46: 71-75.
  • Johnson, J. A., L. H. DeCicco, D. R. Ruthrauff, S. Krauss, and J. S. Hall. 2014. Avian Influenza Virus Antibodies in Pacific Coast Red Knots (Calidris canutus roselaari). Journal of Wildlife Diseases 50: 671-675.
  • DeCicco, L. H., N. Warnock, and J. Johnson. 2013. History of the Red-necked Stint Breeding in North America. Western Birds 44: 273-278.
  • Gibson D. D., L. H. DeCicco, R. E. Gill, S. C. Heinl, A. J. Lang, T. G. Tobish, and J. J. Withrow. 2013. Third Report of the Alaska Checklist Committee, 2008-2012. Western Birds 44: 183-195.
  • Johnson, J. A., L. H. DeCicco, S. M. Matsuoka, and A. L. Sowls. 2013. Nesting Ecology of McKay’s Buntings on St. Matthew Island, Alaska. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 125: 376-384.
  • DeCicco, L. H., Heinl, S. C., and D. Sonneborn. 2009. First North American Records of the Rufous-tailed Robin.  Western Birds 40: 237-241.
  • DeCicco, L. H. and N. R. Hajdukovich. 2007. First Record of Cassin’s Vireo Nesting in Alaska.  Western Birds 39: 36-38.
  • Erwin, C. A., K. B. Rozell, and L. H. DeCicco. 2004. Update on the status and distribution of Wilson's Phalarope and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Alaska. Western Birds 35: 42-44.


Presentations & Posters:

  • Hagelin, J., J. A. Johnson, S. M. Matsuoka, L. H. DeCicco, and N. R. Hajdukovich. 2014. Revealing the migratory path and wintering area of Olive-sided Flycatcher: first results for Alaska. Alaska Bird Conference, Juneau, AK. December 2014. Oral contribution.
  •  Booms, T., L. H. DeCicco, and H. Korth. What’s up with Gray-headed Chickadees in Alaska. Alaska Bird Conference, Anchorage, AK. November 2012. Oral contribution.
  •  Johnson, J. A., L. H. DeCicco, N. R. Hajdukovich, B. A. Andres, and R. L. Lanctot. Breeding ecology and surveys, subspecies identity, and migratory connectivity of Alaskan Red Knots (Calidris canutus roselaari). Shorebird Science in the Western Hemisphere, Vancouver, British Columbia. 2011. Oral contribution.
  • Johnson, J. A., L. H. DeCicco, S. M. Matsuoka, and T. Booms. Migratory routes and winter habitat use of Short-eared Owls tagged in Alaska. Raptor Research Foundation Conference, Ft. Collins, CO. 2011. Oral contribution.
  • Johnson, J. A., L. H. DeCicco, S. M. Matsuoka, and T. Booms. Migratory routes and winter habitat use of Short-eared Owls tagged in Alaska. Alaska Bird Conference, Anchorage, AK. 2010. Oral contribution.
  • DeCicco, L. H., D. Shutler, and S. Mockford. 2009. Clinal Variation in Gray-headed Chickadees. Cooper Ornithological Society Conference, Tucson Arizona. 2009. Poster contribution.


Minor grants:

  • DeCicco, L. H. Arctic Audubon Society, small grants. $1700. 2008. Funded.


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