Michael Greenfield

Adjunct Research Professor
Primary office:


Dr. Greenfield's research interest is animal communication and sexual selection.

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, 1978


Barbosa, F., Rebar, D. & M.D. Greenfield  (2018)  When do trade-offs occur?  The roles of energy constraints and trait flexibility in bushcricket populations.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology,  31, 287-301.

Greenfield, M.D.  2017.  Book review: ‘Sound : A very short introduction’, by M. Goldsmith.  Physics Today.

Mahamoud-Issa, M., Marin-Cudraz, T., Party, V. & M.D. Greenfield  (2017)  Phylogeographic structure without pre-mating barriers: Do habitat fragmentation and low mobility preserve song and chorus diversity in a European bushcricket?  Evolutionary Ecology,  31, 865-884.

Greenfield, M.D., Marin-Cudraz, T. & V. Party  (2017)  Evolution of synchronies in insect choruses. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,  122, 487-504.

Rebar, D. & M.D. Greenfield  (2017)  When do acoustic cues matter? Perceived competition and reproductive plasticity over lifespan in a bushcricket. Animal Behaviour, 128, 41-49.

Greenfield, M.D.  2016.  Evolution of acoustic communication in insects.  Pages 17-47 (ch. 1) in Springer Handbook of Auditory Research: Insect Hearing (G. Pollack & A.C. Mason, eds.).  Springer-Verlag.

Greenfield, M.D.  2016.  Sexual selection.  Pages 79-88 (ch. 5) in Pheromone Communication in Moths: Evolution, Behavior and Application (J. Allison & R.T. Cardé, eds.).  University of California Press.

Reid, A., Marin-Cudraz, T., Windmill, J.F.C. & M.D. Greenfield  (2016)  Evolution of directional hearing in moths via conversion of bat detection devices to asymmetric pressure gradient receivers.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113 (48), e7740-e7748.

Greenfield, M.D., Esquer-Garrigos, Y., Streiff, R. & V. Party  (2016)  Animal choruses emerge from receiver psychology. Scientific Reports 6, 34369 | DOI: 10.1038/srep, 34369.

Gleason, J.M., Zhou, Y., Hackett, J.L., Harris, B.R. & M.D. Greenfield  (2016)  Development of a genomic resource and quantitative trait loci mapping of male calling traits in the lesser wax moth, Achroia grisella. PloS ONE, 11(1), e147014.

Esquer-Garrigos, Y., Greenfield, M.D., Party, V. & R. Streiff  (2016)   Characterization of 16 novel microsatellite loci for Ephippiger diurnus (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) using pyrosequencing technology and cross-species amplification. European Journal of Entomology, 113, 302-306.

Marin-Cudraz, T. & M.D. Greenfield  (2016)  Finely tuned choruses: bushcrickets adjust attention to neighboring singers in relation to the acoustic environment they create.  Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 70, 1581-1589.

Barbosa, F., D. Rebar & M.D. Greenfield  (2016)  Female preference functions drive interpopulation divergence in male signaling: call diversity in the bushcricket Ephippiger diurnus.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 29, 2219-2228.

Rebar, D., F. Barbosa & M.D. Greenfield  (2016)  Acoustic experience influences male and female pre- and post-copulatory behaviors in a bushcricket.  Behavioral Ecology, 27, 434-443.

Barbosa, F., D. Rebar & M.D. Greenfield  (2016)  Reproduction and immunity trade-offs constrain mating signals and nuptial gift size in a bushcricket.  Behavioral Ecology, 27, 109-117.

Alem, S., C. Clanet, A. Dixsaut, V. Party & M.D. Greenfield.  2015.  What determines lek size?  Cognitive constraints and per capita attraction of females limit male aggregation in an acoustic moth.  Animal Behaviour, 100, 106-115.

Party, V., R. Streiff, T. Marin-Cudraz & M.D. Greenfield.  2015.  Group synchrony and alternation as an emergent property: elaborate chorus structure in a bushcricket is an incidental by-product of female preference for leading calls.  Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 69, 1957-1973

Jarrige, A., M. Body, D. Giron, M.D. Greenfield & M. Goubault.  2015.  Amino acid composition of the bushcricket spermatophore and the function of courtship feeding: variable composition suggests a dynamic role of the nuptial gift.  Physiology and Behavior, 151, 463-468.

Greenfield, M.D.  2015.  Signal interactions and interference in insect choruses : Singing and listening in the social environment.  Journal of Comparative Physiology A,  201. 143-154. Special issue :  Insect hearing: From physics to ecology.

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