Edward Martinko

Professor and Director, Kansas Biological Survey
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1976
Primary office:
Higuchi Hall

Dr. Martinko's interests include ecosystem ecology and management, landscape analysis and characterization, and remote sensing of natural resources.

Selected Publications

  • Johnson, J. B., R. H. Hagen, and E. A. Martinko. 2010. "Effect of succession and habitat area on wandering spider (Araneae) abundance in an experimental landscape" Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. 83(2). 141-153.
  • Martinko, E. A., R. H. Hagen, and J. A. Griffith. 2006. "Successional change in the insect community of a fragmented landscape" Landscape Ecology. 21. 711-721.
  • Peterson, D. L., S. L. Egbert, K. P. Price, and E. A. Martinko. 2004. "Identifying historical and recent land cover changes in Kansas using post-classification change detection techniques" Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science. 107(3-4). 105-118.
  • Griffith, J. A., E. A. Martinko, J. L. Whistler, and K. P. Price. 2002. "Preliminary comparison of landscape pattern-NDVI relationships to Central Plains stream conditions" Journal of Environmental Quality. 31(3). 846-859.
  • Peterson, D. L., K. P. Price, and E. A. Martinko. 2002. "Investigating grazing intensity and range condition of grasslands in northeastern Kansas using Landsat Thematic Mapper data" Geocarto International. 17(4). 13-24.
  • Griffith, J. A., E. A. Martinko, J. L. Whistler, and K. P. Price. 2002. "Interrelationships among landscape, NDVI, and stream water quality in the U.S. Central Plains" Ecological Applications. 12(6). 1702-1718.
  • Peterson, D. L., K. P. Price, and E. A. Martinko. 2002. "Discriminating between cool season and warm season grassland cover types in northeastern Kansas" International Journal of Remote Sensing. 23. 5015-5030.
  • Price, K. P., T. J. Crooks, and E. A. Martinko. 2001. "Grasslands across time and scale: a remote sensing perspective" Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 67. 414-420.
  • Griffith, J. A., K. P. Price, and E. A. Martinko. 2001. "A multivariate analysis of biophysical parameters of tallgrass prairie among land management practices and years" Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 68. 249-271.
  • Martinko, E. A., K. P. Price, S. L. Egbert, J. L. Whistler, M. E. Jakubauskas, and T. J. Crooks. 2000. "Building on three decades of remote sensing and decision support: The NASA Great Plains RESAC and the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) Program" Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 66(10). 1158-1163.
  • Griffith, J. A., E. A. Martinko, and K. P. Price. 2000. "Landscape structure analysis of Kansas at three scales" Landscape and Urban Planning. 52(11). 45-61.
  • Martinko, E. A., K. P. Price, J. M. Lomas, and D. L. A. Kastens. 1999. "Agricultural applications: GreenReport – Vegetation Index Greenness Map" Remote Sensing Applications. 8-11.
  • Lomas, J. M., E. A. Martinko, K. P. Price, and D. L. A. Kastens. 1998. "Satellite-derived sea surface temperature maps for the sport fishing industry" Understanding Our Changing Planet, Earth Science Enterprise 1998 Applications Fact Book. 22-23.
  • Egbert, S. L., C. L. Lauver, C. F. Blodgett, K. P. Price, and E. A. Martinko. 1997. "Mapping the Kansas grasslands: a multiseasonal approach" Gap Analysis Bulletin. 6. 12-13.
  • Whistler, J. L., S. L. Egbert, E. A. Martinko, D. W. Baumgartner, R. E. Lee, and M. E. Jakubauskas. 1996. "Development of the Kansas Digital Land Use/Land Cover Map from satellite multispectral imagery" Raster Imagery in Geographic Information Systems. edited by Morian, S. and S. L. Baros. 328-334.
  • Holt, R. D., D. M. Debinski, J. E. Diffendorfer, M. S. Gaines, E. A. Martinko, G. R. Robinson, and G. C. Ward. 1995. "Perspectives from and experimental study of habitat fragmentation in an agroecosystem" Ecology and Integrated Farming Systems. edited by Glen, D. M., M. P. Greaves, and H. M. Anderson. 147-175.
  • Martinko, E. A.. 1995. "Defining Ecosystem Health: Rapporteur’s Report" Evaluating and Monitoring the Health of Large-Scale Ecosystems. edited by Rapport, D. J., C. L. Gaudet, and P. Calow. 95-98.
  • Robinson, G. R., R. D. Holt, M. S. Gaines, S. P. Hamburg, M. L. Johnson, H. S. Fitch, and E. A. Martinko. 1992. "Diverse and contrasting effects of habitat fragmentation" Science. 257. 524-526.
  • Jakubauskas, M. E., J. L. Whistler, M. E. Dillworth, and E. A. Martinko. 1992. "Classification of remotely sensed data for use in an agricultural non-point source pollution model" Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 47(2). 179-183.
  • Martinko, E. A.. 1982. "Remote Sensing and Integrated Pest Management: The Case of Musk Thistle" Remote Sensing for Resource Management. edited by Johannsen, C. J. and J. L. Sanders. 172-178.
  • Martinko, E. A.. 1979. "Remote sensing and Landsat: a definition" Insight. 3(8). 9.
  • Martinko, E. A.. 1979. "Agricultural remote sensing in Kansas" Insight. 3(8). 6-8.
  • Martinko, E. A.. 1974. "Chiggers in Kansas: Their habits and effect on man" Bulletin State Biological Survey of Kansas. 1. 19.
  • Kavanaugh, D. H. and E. A. Martinko. 1972. "Notes on the distribution and a peculiar behavior pattern in Nebria purpurata Le Conte (Coleoptera: Carabidae)" Coleopterists Bulletin. 26(4). 147-149.
  • Bell, W. J., C. Parsons, and E. A. Martinko. 1972. "Cockroach aggression pheromones: Analysis of aggregation tendency and species specificity (Orthoptera: Blattidae)" Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. 45(4). 414-421.

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