Amy Burgin

Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
and Environmental Studies
Associate Scientist, Kansas Biological Survey
Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2007
Primary office:
Higuchi Hall


Dr. Burgin's research integrates across the fields of microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, and aquatic ecosystem ecology. 


Microbial Biogeochemistry
Environmental Microbiology
Field Ecology and Evolution
Marine Biology


Selected Publications

Kaushal, S.S., Gold, A. J., Bernal, S., Newcomer Johnson, T. A.,  Addy, K., Burgin, A. J., Burns, D. A., Coble, A. A., Hood, E., Lu, Y., Mayer, P., Minor, E. C., Schroth, A. W., Vidon, P.,  Wilson, H., Xenopoulos, M. A., Doody, T.,  Galella, J. G., Goodling, P., Haviland, K., Haq, S., Wessel, B., Wood, K. L., Jaworsky, N., and Belt, K. T. 2018. Watershed “chemical cocktails”: forming novel elemental combinations in Anthropocene fresh waters. Biogeochemistry 141: 281-305.

Smyth, A.R., Loecke, T. D., Franz, T. E., and Burgin, A. J.. 2018. Using high-frequency soil oxygen sensors to predict greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 128: 182-192.

Song, K., Brewer, A., Ahmadian, S., Shankar, A., Detwiler, C., and Burgin, A. J. 2017. Using unmanned aerial vehicles to sample aquatic ecosystems. Limnology and Oceanography Methods 15 (12): 1021-1030.

Song, K., Adams, C. J., and Burgin, A. J. 2017. Relative importance of external and internal phosphorus loadings on affecting lake water quality in agricultural landscapes. Ecological Engineering 108: 482-488.

Franz, T. E., Loecke, T. D., Burgin, A. J., Zhou, Y., Le, T., Moscicki, D.  2017. Spatiotemporal predictions of soil properties and states in variably saturated landscapes. JGR: Biogeosciences  doi: 0.1002/2017JG003837

Song, K. and A.J. Burgin. 2017. Perpetual phosphorus cycling: Eutrophication amplifies biological control on internal phosphorus loading in agricultural reservoirs. Ecosystems 20(8): 1483- 1493.

Loecke, T.D., Burgin, A. J., Riveros-Iregui, D. A., Thomas, S.A., Ward, A. S., Davis, C. A., and St. Clair, M. A. 2017. Weather whiplash in agricultural regions creates unforeseen changes in water quality. Biogeochemistry 133(1): 7-15.

Reynolds, K.N., Loecke, T. D., Burgin, A. J., Davis, A. J. Riveros-Iregui, D., Thomas, S. A., St. Clair, M. A., and Ward, A. S.. 2016. Optimizing sampling strategies for riverine nitrate using high-frequency data in agricultural watersheds. Environmental Science & Technology.

Reynolds, K.N., Loecke, T. D., Burgin, A. J., Davis, C.A., Riveros-Iregui, D., Thomas, S. A., St. Clair, M. A., and Ward, A. S. 2016. Optimizing sampling strategies for riverine nitrate using high-frequency data in agricultural watersheds. Environmental Science & Technology.

Jarecke, K.M., Loecke, T. D., and Burgin, A. J.  2016. Coupled soil oxygen and greenhouse gas dynamics under variable hydrology.  Soil Biology & Biochemistry 95: 164-172.

Schoepfer, V.A., E.S. Bernhardt, and A.J. Burgin.  2015.. Iron-clad wetlands: Soil iron-sulfur buffering determines coastal wetland response to salt water incursion. JGR-Biogeosciences.

Payn, R., A.M. Helton, G.C. Poole, C. Izurieta, A.J. Burgin, and E.S. Bernhardt.  2014.  A generalized mechanistic model for applying thermodynamic, kinetic and stoichiometric ecological theory to the biogeochemistry of aquatic microbial systems.  Ecological Modeling 294: 1-18.

Nogaro, G. and A.J. Burgin. 2014.  Influence of bioturbation on denitrification and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA) in freshwater sediments.  Biogeochemistry 120: 279-294.

Davis, C.A., A.S. ward, A.J. Burgin, T.D. Loecke, D.A. Riveros-Iregui, D. Schnoebelen, D. Just, S.A. Thomas, L. Weber, and M. St. Clair.  2014.  Antecedent moisture controls on stream nitrate flux in an agricultural watershed, Clear Creek, Iowa. Journal of Environmental Quality 43: 1494-1503.

Hopfenspergen, K.N., A.J. Burgin, V.A. Schoepfer, A.M. Helton. 2014. Impacts of saltwater incursion on plant communities, anaerobic microbial metabolism and resulting relationships in a restored freshwater wetland. Ecosystems 17: 792-807.

Ore, J., S. Elbaum, A.J. Burgin, B. Zhao, C. Deterweiler, 2013. Autonomous aeria water sampling.  The 9th International conference on Field and Service Robots (FSR).

Dodds, W.K. J.R. Webster, C.L. Crenshaw, A.M. Helton, J.M. O'Brien, E. Marti, A.E. Hersey, J.L. Tank, A.J. Burgin, N.B. Grimm, S.K. Hamilton, D.J. Sobota, G.C. Poole, J.J. Beaulieu, L.T. Johnson, L.R. Ashkenas, R.O. Hall, Jr., S.L. Johnson, W.M. Wollheim, and W.B. Bowden.  2013. Strategies for successful collaborative ecological research: The Lotic Intersite Nitrogen Experiments.  Journal of Freshwater Science 33: 700-710.

Bertilsson, S., A.J. Burgin, C.C. Carey, S.B. Fey, H.P. Grossart, L. Grubisic, I.Jones, G. Kirillin, J.T. Lennon, A. Shade, and R.L. Smith. 2013.  The under-ice microbiome of seasonally frozen lakes.  Limnology and Oceanography 58(6): 1998-2012.

Kulkarni, M.V., A.J. Burgin, P.M. Groffman, and J.B. Yavitt. 2013.  Direct flux and 15N tracer methods for measuring denitrification in forest soils.  Biogeochemistry 117: 359-373.

Nogaro, G., A.J. Burgin, V.A. Schoepfer, M.J. Konkler, K.L. Bowman, C.R. Hammerschmidt.  2013.  Aluminum sulfate (alum) application interactions with coupled metal and nutrient cycling in a hypereutrophic lake ecosystem.  Environmental Pollution 176: 267-274.

Burgin, A.J., J. Hyman, P.M. Groffman, A.J. Gold, and D.Q. Kellogg.  2013.  Balancing nitrogen retention ecosystem services and greenhouse gas disservices at the landscape scale. Ecological Engineering 56: 26-35. doi: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2012.05.003.

Burgin, A.J. and P.M. Groffman. 2012.  Soil 02 controls denitrification rates and N20 yield in a riparian wetland.  JGR-Biogeosciences 177: G01010.

Burgin, A.J., S.K. Hamilton, S.E. Jones, and J.T. Lennon.  2012.  Denitrification by sulfur oxidizing bacteria in a eutrophic lake.  Aquatic Microbial Ecology 66: 283-293.

Izurieta C., G. Poole, R.A. Payn, I. Griffith, R. Nix, A. Helton, E. Bernhardt, and A.J. Burgin.  2012.  Development and application of a simulation environment (NEO) for integrating empirical and comoputational investigations of system-level complexity.  International conference on Information Science and Applications Proceedings.

Burgin, A.J., S.K. Hamilton, W. Yang, and W. Silver.  2011.  Beyond C and N:  How the microbial energy economy couples elemental cycles in diverse ecosystems.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9: 44-52.


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